Thailand Seeks Energy Trade, Investment Ties With 6 Countries

Thailand and six oil and gas producing countries are seeking collaboration on trade and investments in upstream and downstream projects, Thai Energy Minister Poonpirom Liptapanlop said Monday.

The ministerial-level discussions will help ensure energy supply to Thailand, a net oil importing country, and open an opportunity for the country to expand its investments overseas, Poonpirom said after the meeting with ministers from Bahrain, Brunei, Qatar, Oman, Nigeria and Yemen at the GasTech 2008 forum in Bangkok.

This could later lead to government-to-government oil and natural gas purchasing deals, she added.

Some of the six countries have expressed interest in investing in the trans-peninsular pipeline project in southern Thailand or so-called landbridge project, as well as refinery and petrochemical projects in Thailand, Poonpirom said.

The Brunei ministry has approached Thailand to join the opening of bidding for its upcoming oil and gas concession, she added, without elaborating.

State-owned oil and gas giant PTT PCL has been assigned to work on plans to materialize the cooperation.