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Rigzone News    Rig Damage Assessment Report

18 Rigs Impacted by Hurricane Rita
Status Manager Rig Name Rig Type Location Year Built Operator Notes
Major Damage Foresight Group Foresight Driller IX Jackup 1983 Rig sustained severe damage. Ran aground in shallow waters offshore Louisiana.
Major Damage Global Petro Tech Global Pearl Jackup Port Khalid 1980 Rig sustained severe damage. Ran aground in shallow waters offshore Louisiana.
Major Damage Megadrill Services Noble Joe Alford Submersible West Cameron 29 1982 Rig drifted approx. 8 miles from original location. Damage comprised of bent or broken support members below the hull
Major Damage Noble Drilling Noble Max Smith Semisub Jurong Shipyard 1999 Rig drifted 123 miles off location. Principal damage is a hole approx. 8'x20' in its starboard outboard column at the 96' level, a crossover deck on the starboard side, and the main deck outboard of an anchor winch.
Major Damage Rowan Rowan Louisiana Jackup South Timbalier 82 1975 The hull apparently detached from its legs and is aground offshore Louisiana.
Minor Damage Diamond Offshore Ocean Saratoga Semisub Pt of Pascagoula 1976 Rig grounded in 35 feet of water on Vermilion 111.
Minor Damage Diamond Offshore Ocean Star Semisub Pt of Pascagoula 1974 Rig grounded in approximately 35 feet of water in Eugene Island 142.
Minor Damage ENSCO ENSCO 68 Jackup Main Pass 298 1976 Chevron Drill floor shifted.
Minor Damage ENSCO ENSCO 90 Jackup South Timbalier 39 1982 Rig is listing on location at South Marsh 130.
Minor Damage Hercules Offshore Hercules 120 Jackup South Timbalier 32 1958 Rig listing on Main Pass 41.
Minor Damage Nabors Offshore Barge 300 Inland Barge Pt of Houma Rig sumberged on location - sustained water damage to the electrical, power, mud pump and other systems. Will be moved to a shipyard for repairs
Minor Damage Nabors Offshore Pool 54 Jackup Pt of Fourchon 1982 Mast was blown over but Nabors has a substitute mast available and should be able to return the rig to service in a few weeks.
Minor Damage Santa Barbara Offshore Drilling Co. ENSCO 69 Jackup Pt of Sabine Pass 1976 Skid-off drilling package shifted on the oil company platform.
Adrift Noble Drilling Noble Amos Runner Semisub Mississippi Canyon 546 1999 LLOG Exploration Rig drifted 75 miles off location.
Adrift Noble Drilling Noble Paul Romano Semisub Pascagoula, MS 1998 Rig Drifted 118 miles off location.
Adrift Paragon Offshore Paragon MSS2 Semisub 4-RJS-216-RJ 1977 Petrobras (NOC) Rig drifted 89 miles off location
Adrift Transocean Ltd. Deepwater Nautilus Semisub 2000 Shell Moved 40 miles south of pre-storm locaiton. Rig was in process of being moved when tow line broke
Adrift Transocean Ltd. Transocean Marianas Semisub 1998 Petro SA (NOC) Moved 130 miles northwest of pre-storm location
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