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For Sale: Dredge Versi-Dredge 7012
Transportability: One truck transportable fully assembled Propulsion: Self-Propelled with IMS patented Starwheel Drive Nominal Pump Capacity1: 1135m 3 hr. 1475yds 3 hr. Total Solids Capacity2: 284m 3 hr. 371 yds 3 hr Dredging Depth: 9.1m 30 ft. Total Installed Power: 332 kW 445 HP Dry Weight: 21,636 kg 47,700 lbs Pipe Diameter: 305mm 12 in. Spherical Solids Passage: 127mm 5 in...
Location: Tabasco, Mexico Date Posted: Monday, May 01, 2017
Condition: new, 0 hrs. Price: $840,000
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For Sale or Lease: 500 Person Semi-Submersible DP3 Offshore FLOATEL Fully Equipped For Quick Deployment
Offshore Semi-Submersible DP3 ABS CLASS 500 Person Accommodation Vessel with all amenities onboard, medical clinic mini hospital on board, 1000 ton pedestal crane and other cranes, Helideck, Life Boats, Further customization to suite client specific accommodation HUB and onboard open deck workable space available. Fuel Oil, Potable Water, Lube Oil, Sewage Holding Tanks Freezer / Cooler / Refrigeration Storage for upto 60 days provision. Proven cash ready buyers / lessee if interested are requested to submit their official letter of intent to purchase on company letterhead. A drylease for 36 months or longer possible too A1OILANDGAS.COM Houston Texas USA Tel 713 266 7447 Fax 713 588 2411 Email: ...
Location: Delivered To Buyers - Lessee Location Date Posted: Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Condition: Almost New Mint Condition Price: POR
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For Sale or Lease: FSIV Fast Supply Intervention Vessel For Offshore Use Worldwide
First Supply Intervention Vessel for offshore applications worldwide, ABS CLASS, DP-1, DP-2, length overall 172 ft, Beam 30 ft, dead weight 375 metric tons, fuel oil, ballast, main engines caterpillar 3512, bow thruster, speed 26 knots, passenger 80 with accommodation on board of 10. Beside this we have few other options of similar fast intervention supply vessels as well VLCC, oil tankers, barges, Jackup Drilling rigs, Accommodation JackUp, Drill Ship, FDPSO, FPSO, etc TUBULARKING.COM Houston Texas USA Tel 713 780 7473 Fax 713 588 2411 Email: ...
Location: Delivered To Buyers Location At Extra Cost Date Posted: Friday, June 10, 2016
Condition: Excellent Working Condition Price: Discounted Best
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For Sale: Lifeboat/Rescue Craft Spare Parts
Various lifeboat spares/parts for sale in various quantities as below; - Contractor, Magnetic, For Lifeboat Davit - Gasket, For Engine Cover.m, For Pick-Up Boat - Window, Plexiglass, For Lifeboats - Pump, Water Circulator For Lifeboat - Filter, Oil, For Lifeboat, AMC Filter P/N HI-19-L UI07 - Filter, Lube Oil, For Lifeboat - Kit, Nozzle, For Lifeboat - Filter; Fuel F/Lifeboat - Zimmerring, 125 x 155 x 12mm, For Liferaft - Cover, White, For Pilot Lamp - Cover, Green, For Pilot Lamp - Zimmerring, 35 x 50 x 7mm, For Liferaft - Cover, Orange, For Pilot Lamp - Cover, Red, For Pilot Lamp - Stem;Cap Valve, F/Lifeboat - Strap, For Engine Cover, For Lifeboat - Switch, Limit Electric, For Lifeboat Davit - Washer; Nozzle Joint, F/Lifeboat - Belt, Seat, 4P, For Lifeboat - Rectifier, 24V WZ, For Lifeboat - Valve;Inlet, F/Lifeboat - Spring, Valve, For Lifeboat - Gasget, For Circ.Pump Eng, For Lifeboat - Switch, Temperature Controlling  - Valve, Non-Return, For Lifeboat - Switch, Limit, (Lifeboat) - Valve, Cotter, For Lifeboat - Gasget, Thermostat For Lifeboat - Valve, Exhaust, For Lifeboat - Thermostat, Water, For Lifeboat - Wiper, Windshield. Manual, For Lifeboat - Pump, Fuel Oil, For Lifeboat - O-Ring, For Lifeboat Davit - O-Ring, For Ventilator, For Lifeboat - Wiper, Windshield, 28 CM, LGD - Pipe, Injection No. 4, Lifeboat - Pipe, Injection No. 2, Lifeboat - Pipe, Injection No. 1, Lifeboat - Belt, V, For Lifeboat - Gasget, For Rocket Cover, For Lifeboat All of the parts above are currently at our warehouse in Aberdeen. For a full list or to arrange a viewing please contact us and we would be happy to help....
Location: Aberdeen UK Date Posted: Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Condition: Various Price: POA
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