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3RD Generation Semi-Submersible Offshore Drilling Platform Complete ready for deployment worldwide, Up to 30000 FT Drilling Depth, Up to 1700 FT drilling operations on open seas, 150 crew members on board accommodation, with mud treatment system, BOP well control system, Top Drive, Generators, etc This platform is ready for delivery on cash purchase basis or can be deployed for long term dry lease basis. Serious proven cash ready customers are welcome to send their credentials and LOI by email. TUBULARKING.COM Houston Texas USA Tel 713 780 7473 Fax 713 588 2411 Sales Hotline +1 713 581 4505 ...
Location: Delivered To Buyers Location Worldwide Date Posted: Friday, March 03, 2017
Condition: Refurbished Ready For Deployment Worldwide Price: Irresistible For PROVEN Cash Ready Customer
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For Sale or Lease: Swamp Shallow Waters 25,000 Drilling Depth 2000 HP Barge Drilling Rig Complete Ready For Deployment
2000HP Swamp and Shallow Waters Barge Complete Drilling Rig, Ready to drill upto 25,000 ft. 2000 HP drawworks, 1.5 Million Lbs plus derrick hook load, 650 tons block, 1600 hp triplex mud pumps, 500 tons top drive, 13 5/8" x 10,000 psi BOP stack single, double ram, annular well control system, mud / portable water / fuels tanks, upto 50 crew members onboard accommodation could be expanded at extra cost, electric power generators, cranes, helipad, maximum water depth 20ft x 8ft draft, comes will drilling string and standard handling tools but we can customize more at extra cost on customers specific drilling program. This barge drilling rig is ready for delivery AS-IS or can be upgraded / renovated / customize to proven cash ready customers specific needs. Customers can buy this outright cash or drylease for long term basis OR we can undertake comprehensive drilling of oil wells and completion contracts of multiple wells, lets meet in Houston and review your cash readiness and precise drilling needs. Beside this we can provide all sizes from 500 HP to 4600 HP drilling & workover rigs onshore and offshore as applicable. Jack up, Semi Submersibles, FPSO, FDPSO, Jack Up Barges, Accommodation Vessels & Jack Up, Tender Barge Rigs, ROV Subsea Vessels, VLCC Oil Tankers, Dumb Barges, Ballast Barges, Tug Boats, AHTS, etc A1OILANDGAS.COM Houston Texas USA Tel 713 266 RIGS(7447) Fax 713 588 2411 Email: ...
Location: We deliver worldwide to buyers location Date Posted: Sunday, January 08, 2017
Condition: Excellent Drilling Work Condition Price: Lets make the deal with your $$cash$$ on Table
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For Sale or Lease: 400 FT WD Offshore Cantilever Jack Up Drilling Rig For Harsh & Cold Weather Complete
4600 HP Drawworks with up to 35,000 drilling depth capability, 400 FT water depth all water conditions and extreme weather environment capable OFFSHORE Jackup Drilling MODU, ABS CLASS self elevating. 18 3/4" x 15,000 psi BOP stack, 1000 tons capacity top drive, 6 units of 3516 C caterpillar generators, 2200 HP triplex mud pumps x 7500 psi, complete mud system, 150 person on board crew accommodation, Helideck, Cranes, Life Boats and Safety Equipment, pipe handling system, 175 ft derrick / mast, 2,000,000 lbs hook load, complete with fuel and water tanks on board. This JUR can be rented for DRY LEASE for long term basis, rate negotiable. FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME GET UP TO 60 MONTHS NO INSTALLMENT DEFERRED PAYMENT WITH LOW CASH DOWN PAYMENT LOAN BALANCE GUARANTEED BY TOP PRIME BANK TO CONSUMMATE THE TRANSACTION SERIOUS BUYER WITH PROVEN CASH READINESS IS WELCOME FOR A TABLE TOP MEETING IN HOUSTON. A1OILANDGAS.COM Houston Texas USA Tel 713 266 7447 Fax 713 588 2411 Hotline 713 581 4505 Email: ...
Location: Delivered To Buyers Location At Extra Cost Date Posted: Thursday, October 13, 2016
Condition: Excellent Mint Condition Price: Discounted For Proven Cash Ready Buyer
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For Sale or Lease: Offshore Jackup Up to 30000 FT Drilling Depth Rig 400 FT Water Depth Complete & Ready For Deployment
Offshore Jack Up 30,000 FT Drilling Depth Rig, Up to 400 ft water depth, 3000 HP National 1625 draw works, Varco 750 TDS-8SA top drive, 110+ accommodation on board with all amenities and safety equipment, helideck, cranes, BOP stack 13 5/8" x 10000 psi, 2200 HP Triplex Mud Pumps (3) units each with 7500 psi, complete well control system, Jacking & Skidding System, Derrick Load Capacity 1,500,000 lbs, Caterpillar 3516 Diesel Generators, Complete Ready For Deployment Worldwide. THIS JUR CAN BE BOUGHT FOR CASH AT DEEPLY DISCOUNTED PRICE OR GET NO MONTHLY INSTALLMENT PAYMENT FINANCING UP TO 72 MONTHS AGAINST PRIME BANK ACCEPTABLE GUARANTEE. OR DRY LEASE IT FOR FOR LONG TERM ASK FOR TERMS & DETAILS PROVEN CASH READY buyers / lessee please send us your LOI to enter into serious negotiations and deal finalization. Brokers / Facilitators Paid & Protected By Us. Photo shown for ref full photos and IADC list of JUR equipment at principals face to face meeting. A1OILANDGAS.COM Houston Texas USA Tel 713 266 RIGS(7447) Fax 713 588 2411 Email: ...
Location: Delivered To Buyers Location Date Posted: Thursday, September 29, 2016
Condition: Excellent Working Condition Recently Refurbished Price: MAKE ALL CASH OFFER TODAY
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For Sale or Lease: 7500 Water Depth Semi Submersible Offshore Drilling Platform Convertible To Buyer Needs
Semi-Submersible 7500 ft water depth DPS-2 Design offshore drilling platform, withhelideck, 130+ crew onboard accommodation with all amenities, BOP handling & well control system, 18 3/4" x 15,000 psi BOP complete stack, 1,500,000 lbs static hook load 170 ft derrick, 3000 HP drawworks with 30,000 FT Drilling Depth, 750 tons top drive, 2200HP x 7500 PSI Triplex Mud Pumps, Fuel & Potable Water, Mud Tanks onboard, complete with all essential equipment for comprehensive drilling operations. This platform can easily be customized and converted to a natural gas production or thermal processing unit offshore platform. This unit could be outright for CASH for deeply discounted price OR dry lease it for long term 48 months or more Proven CASH Ready serious buyer / lessee please send your official LOI with your credentials for negotiation meeting in Houston A1OILANDGAS.COM Houston Texas USA Tel 713 266 7447 Fax 713 588 2411 Hotline 713 581 4505 Email: ...
Location: Delivered to Buyers Location Worldwide Date Posted: Thursday, September 01, 2016
Condition: Good Working Condition Price: Discounted For Quick CASH Sale Make Offer
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