2007 American Augers DD-440 Horizontal Directional Drill
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Date Posted: March 16, 2017
Location:   Purcell, OK
Price:   For Auction
Condition:   Used
Contact Name:   Oscar Trejo
Phone:   530-669-4210
Company:   Ritchie Bros.

Equipment Description:
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This item is in very good overall condition with no known defects. This unit can start, run and operate.

2007 American Augers DD-440 Horizontal Directional Drill
Extreme Slant Set Up Capable: 15-Degree to 79-Degree Entry Angle Settings
Carriage System: Rack and Pinion, (2) Pinion Drive with Adjustable Force Limiter

Maximum Thrust/Pull Back: 440,000lbs
Maximum Carriage Speed: 110 FPM
Adjustable Pull Down and Pullback Force Limiter
Hydraulic Release Safety Brake
Rotary System: (3) Pinion and Gear Drive with Infinitely Variable Torque

Maximum Rotary Torque: 60,000ft-lbs (81,350 Nm) @ 0-43 RPM
Digital Rotary Tachometer,Rotary Brake, Slip Spindle with 6 5/8 FH Connection
(2) Caterpillar C-10 Engines (730 HP) with Electric Starter, Radiator, Gauges and Electronic Engine Control

VIN: BCX03257 (4,427 Hours)
VIN: BCX03256 (4,433 Hours)
(2) Sauer Danfoss Hydraulic Pumps

Serial Number: A06-41-97902
Both are factory reman.
Hydraulic Wrenches

14 ¾ Opening, Quick Change Dies, 70,000lbs Make, 100,000lbs Break Out
Adjustable limiters on make breakout torque. Removable for transport.
Drill Rig

Rankin Triaxle Trailer: W 8ft x L 54ft
Air Ride Suspension
VIN: 1R9UP4837EN375005
4 Hydraulic Leveling Jacks and Landing Gear
(2) Hydraulic Reservoirs: W 3ft x H 26in x L 6ft 5in
Hydraulic Crane

Serial Number: GA730008
Kinshofer KM930-100C Pole Grapple
Top Dog House

Dimensions: W 8ft x L 20ft
Drillers Control Console, Air Conditioner, Heater, Lights, Wiring, and Electrical Connections
Change House

Dimensions: W 8ft x L 25ft
Lockers, Lights, Wiring and Electrical Connections
(2) Bomco F-8 Triplex Mud Pumps (800 HP)
Steel Fluid Ends
Suction and Discharge Manifolds
Pulsation Dampener
Pressure Relief Valve Each Powered by Detroit 60 Series Engines
VIN: 06R0872808 (2,493.8 Hours)
VIN: 06R0941326 (3,706.8 Hours)
Electric Start, Radiators, Gauges, and Pump Drive Assembly
Master Skidded
Gear Ends- Serial Numbers A02-007 & CD10-2006
Mud Pit MPC750 Mud Tank

Dimensions: W 8ft x H 5ft x L 53ft
420 Barrel Capacity
2 - Cone Desander
10 - Cone Desilter
(4) Shale Shakers
(4) MCM Centrifugal Pumps (5ft x 6ft) Powered by 50HP Electric Motors
Drill Pipe

5in Range 2 Yellow Band - 5,000ft
330 BBL Fresh Water Tank

6,000 Gallon Fuel Tank

(2) Transfer Pumps with Tool Storage Room Mounted on Hydraulic Raise and Lower Trailer (3ft x 2ft)

Equipment Photos:
2007 American Augers DD-440 Horizontal Directional Drill
2007 American Augers DD-440 Horizontal Directional Drill
2007 American Augers DD-440 Horizontal Directional Drill

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