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For Sale or Lease: Well Intervention & Drilling Equipment Package for offshore rig
The Well Intervention Rig Equipment Package can be upgraded for performing light drilling operations. Note: We may split the package and sell individual equipment out of this package. The Package of Well Intervention Equipment comprises (not limited to): - UL 05469 Derrick Structure. Maximum Hook Load 226MT. C/w Wind Walls. - UL 05486 MH Crown Block Assembly. 350T. 42" Sheaves. 1-3/8" Wireline, Fastline Idler Sheave. 72", Upper and Lower Deadline Idler Sheaves 42". - UL 05487 MH Travelling Block. 350T. 1-3/8" Wireline - Passive Inline Heave Compensator. - Upper and Lower Guide Dollys - UL 04284 Wirth Drawworks GH2800 EG AC 1G with 2 x AC Variable Speed Drive Motors. Disc Brakes. 1-3/8" Wireline. - UL 05491 Inline Active Heave Compensator. - UL 04555 Deadline Compensator. 226T Hook Load. Max Stroke 5.4m - UL 05516 APV Bank. Vessel, pressure, air, 2400 psi x 1000 ltr - UL 05489 Hydraulic Drill Line Reel c/w 1500m 1-3/8" Drill Line. - UL 05488 Maritime Hydraulics Dead Line Anchor with Martin Decker E80 Load Cell. - UL 05696 Hydraulic Cat heads - Maritime Hydraulics.  - UL 04628 Hydraulic Tubular Stabbing Arm and Remote Control Stand. - Elevator Link Yolk with Link Tilt. (Used in conjunction with Travelling Block and Heave Compensator) - Riser Handling Conveyor. (9-5/8" Riser Tube Diameter with 14" Flange Diameter) - UL 05490 Triplex Pipe Handler Crane. SWL 2T. Up to 9-5/8" Diameter. - Skid Frames, Skid Rails and Skid Tractors. - UL 04987 Hydraulic access Basket (Cherry Picker) 300Kgs SWL. With Remote Control Stand. - UL 05681 Aker MH Drillers Cabin with Control Panels - UL 05622 Switchgear Container (LER) with AC drives and starters Equipment is manufactured in 2003 and was used for a few years onboard a Well Intervention Vessel (Semi-submersible Rig). Click here for more information and pictures....
Location: Norway Date Posted: Thursday, February 23, 2017
Condition: Very Good, Manufactured 2003 Price: on request
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For Sale: Ideco E2500
Ideco 2500 Drilling Rig -E-2500 Drawworks with Double drums, 4 speed to main drum, lebus grooved for 1.5” line 2 speed for cathead shaft and sand line drum for 1” line, Jerkline rollers, 2 Foster Catheads w/ air controls -Elmagco 6032 aux brake water-cooled, National Deadline Anchor -Dual Motor Compound with (2) GE-752 1000hp (2) Chains 1-3/4” Pitch x 6 strands (1)Chain 1-1/2” Pitch 8 strands -Drillers Control Station GE KG-273 w/National Micromatic Drill Controls -Pyramid Mast, 600ton, 152 clear height 30’ base, racking board 86’ high - 600ton Crown Block (6) 60” sheaves, (1)fast line, 1.5" line -Pyramid Double stack box substructure 22' w/ GE 1000hp Rotary Table Drive motor -Ideco 525 Block 6 sheave for 1.5” line lower bail - HK525 cushioned triplex hook, 8”spring travel -GE DC Main Control units SCR Control House master skidded -Ideco 375-E (37.5" rotary table) -(3) Caterpillar 399 1160hp each w/GE Genertors -(2) Caterpillar D343 aux Gensets 200kw each master skidded -(4) compressors w/ 200gal tanks (2) mounted on aux genset skid, (2) mounted in substructure, (4) Centrifugal pumps 150gpm, Spooling Drum w/Joy tugger, (2) Catline Sheaves (1) 24”, (1) 36” -Tool pusher house, 2 Gearmatic hydraulic winches, 2 aux winches in substructure,(4) Derrick cable pennants, (2) 200bbls mud pits, (1) master skidded tank est 12,000 gallon...
Location: Nevada Date Posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Condition: Excellent Price: P.O.R
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For Auction: 2008 Hydraulic Rack & Pinon Single 600 HP Drilling Rig (Rig 163)
For more information visit Specifications: 600 HP Hook Load (Klbs): 274.99717819805 Current Location: Mexico Rack & Pinion(600 HP) Drawworks Input Power: (4) Rexroth AA6VM200HD1D Drawworks Input Power (HP): 600 HP Mast - SHL Cap. (lbs): Sense EDM 66'-6" (275K) Rotary Table: 20 1/2" Master Bushing(Framed into Floor) Rotary Table: N/A Rotary Table (HP): N/A Travelling Block: N/A Hook: N/A Swivel: N/A Top Drive: FDS 1510(150T Capacity) Model Iron Roughnecks / Power Slips: Canrig TM-80 Substructure Type: Sense EDM Swing-up(300K Rotary) Substructure Max Capacity (lbs): Setback: N/ARotary: 300 Kips Floor Height (ft): 14'-2" Floor Height11'-0" BOP Clearance Skidding Platoons / Ponies and Elevation Gain to Drill Floor: Yes(Central) Mud Pumps - Rating (HP): (2) TSM-1000 (1000 HP) Mud Pump: (2) DD 12V2000 Mud Pump Input (HP): 760 HP Mud Tanks: 352 bbls (Transfer)535 bbls (Active) Capacity Drillwater (bbls): 400 bbl FOD (Diesel) Storage Capacity (bbls): 130 bbl Shale Shakers: (2) Brandt King Cobra Mud Cleaners: N/A Desanders: N/A Desilters: N/A Degrasser Type: Vacu-Flow 1200 Electric Power: (3) DD Series 60 (470 kW) BOP Stack Rating: 5,000 PSI...
Location: Poza Rica, VER, Mexico Date Posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Condition: Used Price: For Auction
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For Sale or Lease: Shallow Waters Barge 3000 HP Drilling Rig Complete Ready To Drill Upto 30000 FT Worldwide
ABS Class Specification Built Swamp and Shallow Waters 3000 HP Barge Complete Drilling Rig, Ready to drill upto 30,000 ft. 3000 HP drawworks, 1.5 Million Lbs plus derrick hook load, 650 tons block, 1700hp triplex mud pumps, 750 tons top drive, 13 5/8" x 10,000 psi BOP stack single, double ram, annular well control system, mud / portable water / fuels tanks, upto 50 crew members onboard accommodation could be expanded at extra cost, electric power generators, cranes, helipad, maximum water depth 20ft x 8ft draft, comes will drilling string and standard handling tools but we can customize more at extra cost on customers specific drilling program. This barge drilling rig is ready for delivery AS-IS or can be upgraded / renovated / customize to proven cash ready customers specific needs. Customers can buy this outright cash or drylease for long term basis OR we can undertake comprehensive drilling of oil wells and completion contracts of multiple wells, lets meet in Houston and review your cash readiness and precise drilling needs. Beside this we can provide all sizes from 500 HP to 4600 HP drilling & workover rigs onshore and offshore as applicable. Jack up, Semi Submersibles, FPSO, FDPSO, Jack Up Barges, Accommodation Vessels & Jack Up, Tender Barge Rigs, ROV Subsea Vessels, VLCC Oil Tankers, Dumb Barges, Ballast Barges, Tug Boats, AHTS, etc A1OILANDGAS.COM Houston Texas USA Tel 713 266 RIGS(7447) Fax 713 588 2411 Email: ...
Location: We Deliver Worldwide To Buyers Location Date Posted: Sunday, January 08, 2017
Condition: Great Working For Drilling Condition Price: Lowest Possible For Cash Ready Customers
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