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For Sale: Delaval Compressor (7 stage)
Delval 1,435 h.p. rated, seven (7) stage split case gas (propylene ERU recovery) compressor. Flow through: 4,471 acfm. Model: 7CL22 Is horizontal divided 3 stg 75 psig discharge and 4 stage 260 discharge. with Delaval mod. HG-E9 speed increaser H.P: 1750 ratio: 6.68 to 1 Output: 12,220 rpm. Driver motor: Westinghouse 1750 h.p.. email: tel: 337 278 6678...
Location: So. La. Date Posted: Sunday, December 04, 2016
Condition: Good Price: POR
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For Auction: (5) 1998 TSI Compression Inc CFB-4 SKID MOUNTED AIR COMPRESSORS
LOT # 1480, 1481, 1482, 1483, 1484: SELLING Thursday Dec 8th- Friday Dec 9th, 2016 @ TSI Compression Inc CFB-4 SPECS: c/w Cummins 6 cyl, 1200 hp, Clark 3 air compressors, Inlet pressure ambient, discharge pressure 205 PSIG, outlet flow = 1999 mmscfd, 14 L GTA19-C natural gas, 400 BHP, GEA Rainey J108-12888 coolers, 50% ethylene glycol service, 210 GPM, interconnecting piping, gas supply control valve, inlet cooler screens. Click Here to see more details ...
Location: EDMONTON (ALBERTA), CANADA Date Posted: Friday, December 02, 2016
Condition: USED Price: AT AUCTION
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Wanted: Gas Compressor Package Wanted
Reciprocating compressor wanted for compressing nominally 30 mmscfd of sweet natural gas from low suction pressure to 70 barg discharge. The compressor will be packaged with: Gas Engine rated for 2000 HP (1.5 MW) or more Air Coolers Scrubbers Ancillary systems the following industry specifications shall apply: ISO-13631, ASME B31.3, ASME Section VIII, ASME Section IX. ...
Location: Required for installation onshore in New Zealand, will manage delivery from North America or Aust. Date Posted: Monday, November 28, 2016
Condition: Unused or Used in good working condition Price: Depending on package condition
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For Sale: NEW GE Gemini Natural Gass Compressor
MADE IN THE USA!! Model - A352 695 PSI General Electric Frame Series A Number of Throws 2 Stroke, inches (mm) 3.5 (88.9) Rated Speed, RPM 1800 Minimum Speed, RPM 900 Max Hp (kW) per throw 400 Height – mounting feet to crankshaft 11.125 (283) centerline, inches (mm) Crankshaft Drive End Diameter, inches (mm) & Type 3.5 (88.9) Straight, keyed Connecting Rod, 8.75 (222) centerline to centerline, inches (mm) nominal Approximate Frame Weight, without cylinders 2 Throw, lbs 1375 Crosshead Clearance, shim able Yes Crosshead Shoes, replaceable No, Babbitted Piston Rod Diameter, inches (mm) 1.375 (34.9) Cylinder Series available for mounting 90, H35 Compression, lbf (kg) 12,500 (5,670) Tension, lbf (kg) 14,500 (6,577) Total, lbf (kg) 27,000 (12,247) Frame length inches (cm) 36 (91.4) 65 (165) Frame width inches (cm) 41 (104) 41 (104) Frame height inches (cm) 22.6 (57.4) 22.6 (57.4) Type Engineered for reliability and low maintenance, balanced opposed for a smooth-operating, easy-to-service design. Frame Heavily-ribbed, reinforced cast iron frame with full-depth main bearing caps add strength and minimize vibration. Crankshaft Forged-steel design with main and crankpin journals of the same size allows for interchangeable bearings. Cylinders A wide range of air-cooled cylinder options is available. Cylinder arrangements include double-acting, tandem, and stepped-piston designs. Non-lube designs are available for special applications. Cylinders are available with MAWP up to 6,000 psig. Compressor valves Steel valve seats and guards are standard. Valve springs, lifts and plates can be tailored to meet your performance conditions. Piston/piston rods Piston rods are super finized heat-treated alloy steel with lubricated and vented packing. Connecting rods Drop forged steel connecting rods are split on the crank end to allow replacement of the bearings without removal of the crankshaft. Connecting rods are rifle drilled for forced lubrication of the bearing. Crossheads Single-piece ductile iron crossheads with babbitted faces include bronze crosshead bushings and full-floating, hardened and ground crosshead pins. Crossheads and rod packing are easily accessible through oversized crosshead doors for fast and easy maintenance. Compressor lubrication Chain-driven positive-displacement lube oil pump contains an internal relief valve. Lubrication system includes a full-flow, non-bypassing, spin-on oil filter with a 25 Micron nominal rating. Compressors are assembled with stainless steel piping downstream of the lube oil filter. Packing and cylinder lubrication Plunger type force-feed lubricator contains a divider block distribution system, a cycle indicator and a DNFT no-flow shutdown switch. Stainless steel tubing includes plated fittings piped to the cylinders and packing. Lubrication feed rate is fully adjustable. A hand-priming pump and a rupture relief disk are included. Standard testing One-hour mechanical run tests, hydrostatic tests of all cylinders and post-test inspections are conducted to GE’s high standards. Standard accessories The following are included: digital parts list, digital maintenance/ operating manuals, general arrangement drawings, lifting eyes and special tools (spanner wrench for piston and rod insert tool). ...
Location: USA Southwest Date Posted: Thursday, October 27, 2016
Condition: NEW Price: $52,000.00
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For Sale: New, 3 Stage 203 HP CAT-Ariel and CAT-Gemini Compressors
Common Major Components 203 HP Caterpillar G3306TA Natural Gas Engines Altronic Annunciator Control Panels with integrated Emit ENG-S-075TA AFRC modules Heavy Duty TB Woods Couplings Chart S60 coolers ASME Coded pressure vessels Piping to ASME B31.3 Concrete filled, full depth 4 runner style skids Compressor Frames (18) GE Gemini H302, 3 Stage w/ 7.500”X5.000”X3.000” H Series cylinders (12) Ariel JGQ/2, 3 Stage w/ 7.500”X5.125”X3.250” P11 Series cylinders ...
Location: Houston, TX Date Posted: Friday, October 14, 2016
Condition: New Price: Below Market Price
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For Sale: New* Quincy 240 / Kubota Wellhead Compressor
New Quincy 240NG Powered By Kubota Natural Gas Engine Max Discharge Pressure 130 PSI TTD Murphy Annunciator Low Inlet Alarm Shutoff High Inlet Alarm Shutoff High Discharge Alarm Shuttoff Low Discharge Alarm Shutoff High Engine Temp Shut off Low Oil Pressure Shutoff...
Location: Dover, Oklahoma Date Posted: Friday, September 23, 2016
Condition: NEW Price: 25,000
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For Sale: Gas Jack Wellhead Compressors
Used Ford Gas Jack Wellhead Natural Gas Compressors - 5 Available Murphy TTD Annunciator Inlet Shut Off Discharge Shutoff Oil Pressure Shutoff Engine Temp Shutoff Oil Viscosity Shutoff...
Location: Dover, Oklahoma Date Posted: Friday, September 23, 2016
Condition: Used Price: 10,000
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For Sale: Ajax Gas Compressor
Ajax DPC 115 . Disconnected Cylinder: VHLT 8 X 11 Includes Loadout...
Location: Lafayette, La. Date Posted: Tuesday, August 02, 2016
Condition: Working condition Price: $8,000
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For Sale: Cooper (GMW) Bessemer Parts
One lot of Cooper Bessemer GMW. and Clark VRA parts. Piston/rod assy., Dual turbo, piston liners., cam assy., 18-1/2" comp cylinder heads, cylinder etc. New and rebuilt. Engine piston rings, bearings, lube and prelube oil pumps, compressor valves, valve puller kit. Moppet seat kits (20), Stitt (#727) spark plugs 10 boxes x 10. etc. CECO compressor rod packing (2o sets), water pump shafts (2), Ignition coils Motortech (20) PN: 95.09.053........Contact me for complete list....
Location: Crowley, La Date Posted: Sunday, July 31, 2016
Condition: new or rebuilt Price: POR
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For Sale: 6DVIP Compressor Dresser Rand
Dresser Rand Six throw Mod: 6DVIP 1200rpm Rod size 2-1/4" Three Stage. ...
Location: Broussard, La Date Posted: Sunday, July 31, 2016
Condition: Parts-Good Price: SOLD...............SOLD
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For Sale: Compressor, Delaval
Delaval 14 stage plant gas compressor with 1750 h.p. electric motor and Delaval speed increaser....
Location: So. La. Date Posted: Monday, March 28, 2016
Condition: Working Take Out Price: POR
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For Sale: Compressor Centrifical (4) GHH Rand
GHH Rand model tandem CDA96 with CDB68 165 psi with 150 hp electric motors with CD1401 rotary tandem Gears (4). One air end is unused still on pallet. . ...
Location: Crowley, La. Date Posted: Sunday, November 01, 2015
Condition: Used Price: Deleted
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For Sale: Air Compressor I.R. w Lister/Peters Diesel
Ingersol Rand model 30T 3000 air compressor 250 psi powered by 3 cylinder Peters diesel. Enclosed skid electric/battery start auto start and shutdown with offshore ESD controls...
Location: So. La. Date Posted: Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Condition: good Price: $3,000
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For Sale: Ingersoll-Rand Portable Air Compressor
John Deere diesel powered. All units have been serviced for resale....
Location: USA Date Posted: Friday, February 28, 2014
Condition: Good Used Price: call for price
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For Sale: Gardner Denver High Flow Air Compressor
Gardner Denver Air Compressor CFM 100 per minute maximum pressure 40 psi in good running condition without engine. Any further details don't hesitate to email to
Location: Dubai Date Posted: Tuesday, October 01, 2013
Condition: used Price:
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