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Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC
Updated: Jan 8 2013
Desired Expertise: Driller
Experience: 1+ years
Minimum Education: High School/Secondary
Location: US
Job Status: Closed - No longer accepting applications
Work Authorization: None
Job Description:

Department Description
Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC, through its substantial fleet of landbased drilling rigs, provides comprehensive drilling solutions to major and independent oil and gas companies.

Brief Posting Description
The Driller is responsible for monitoring well conditions and drilling parameters. Additional responsibilities include delegating tasks to Derrickhand, Motorhand, and Floorhands based on drilling activities. The Driller must be able to communicate with a variety of outside individuals including the Company Man and Directional Driller.

Detailed Description
Key relevant tasks performed by a Driller include the following:

  • Oversee all drilling activities and monitor hands that are working on rig floor
  • Follow established plan for drilling operations
  • Continually monitor well conditions and drilling parameters
  • Provide leadership, along with the Rig Manager, to delegate tasks, instruct, train, and develop all hands
  • Ensure regular maintenance of all equipment and machinery
  • Assist Rig Manager with preventing and solving problems to keep the rig operational
  • Communicate with Rig Manager, Company Man, and Directional Driller as necessary
  • Responsible for well control
  • General upkeep and housekeeping of the Driller's cabin
  • Maintain daily logs of drilling activities
  • Supervise hands and assist with rig up / down procedures
  • Support other crew members as needed, ensure compliance with safety procedures, and other additional tasks as assigned

Job Requirements
To qualify for a Driller position, an individual must be willing and able to safely perform the following activities:

  • Stand or sit at the driller's console for up to 12 hours with minimal ability to leave the driller's cabin
  • Occasionally climb steep stairs and walk on steel grating and decking, which may be slick. Additionally, they will be walking on boards, gravel, dirt, mud, ice, and snow.
  • Manually operate equipment at driller's console, which consists of touchscreens, buttons, keyboard, joystick, and levers
  • Clear vision to judge near and far distances to maintain awareness of, watch, and report ongoing work activities to coworkers and third parties
  • Utilize proper hand signals when working from the cabin to communicate with others
  • Accurate recall over short and longterm memory
  • Maintain spatial orientation and awareness to operate drilling equipment, be aware of others' location in relation to drilling activities, and safely move around work environment with many moving objects
  • Stay continuously alert and focused up to12.5 hours while independently performing repetitive and routine activities and be able to remain calm and continue working in the event of a problem situation
  • Make sound and quick decisions in a changing and hazardous environment
  • Demonstrate clear communication skills and ability to promptly follow directions
  • Take initiative and work independently during downtime
  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all designated times
  • Education Requirements and Knowledge

The Driller job requires a high school diploma, certificate or equivalent. A Driller must be able to use a computer and multiple screens to monitor drilling activities. This person must understand down hole operations and daily operations to be able to give instructions to hands. The Driller must be able to use a calculator, standard formulas, and basic math for well control calculations.

Certification Requirements:
Well Control

Supervisory Responsibilities:
Derrickhand, Motorhand, and Floorhand

Additional Details
This position requires the person to work outdoors for an entire tour work shift in all types of weather conditions, including precipitation, cold / heat, high wind, and turbulent conditions. They will be exposed to the typical conditions of the local area where the rig is located. The Driller must work with an emphasis on safety for themselves and others including coworkers and third parties. They must be able to work closely with others as they will work together in the confined area of the drilling rig and may choose to live together in crew quarters. They must be willing to work a hitch, which consists of 7 days on / 7 days off, or 14 days on / 14 days off, working 12.5 hour shifts that can include days or nights and as well as weekends and holidays

This Position Is Closed to New Applicants

This position is no longer open for new applications. Either the position has expired or was removed because it was filled. However, there are thousands of other great jobs to be found on Rigzone.

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