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Dynamic Positioning Operator

Noble Corporation
Updated: Jun 18 2013
Desired Expertise: Dynamic Position Officer
Experience: 1+ years
Minimum Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Domestic or International
Reference Code: Dynamic Positioning Operator
Job Status: Closed - No longer accepting applications
Work Authorization: None
Job Description:

Position Qualifications

  • Certified as a Dynamic Positioning System Operator
  • USCG Third Mates license or equivalent required
  • Computer skills sufficient to operate and maintain dynamic positioning control
  • Advanced electronics background in troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of electronic display consoles, circuit card component replacement, electronic instrumentation, etc.
  • Experience in leadership and management
  • Experience in an industrial marine environment
  • Speak English and language of the country where drilling operations occur

Essential Functions


  • Operate the automated and fixed station-keeping system of the rig.
  • Coordinate the move on or off location, starting or securing the Dynamic Positioning Systems.
  • Monitor the Dynamic Positioning (DP) System and its associated equipment and instrumentation and operate the manual DP controls if necessary to maintain the desired position of the unit over the well during drilling operations.
  • Communicate with the Captain during inclement weather conditions to combine the DP system operation with standard propulsion and/or anchored means of station-keeping to ensure the desired position of the unit is maintained.
  • Maintain good communications with the drill floor at all times.
  • Track and monitor shipping in the area of operations for possible problems.
  • Monitor and keep abreast of weather conditions at all times.
  • Function as rig radio operator.
  • Train and instruct assigned personnel as requested by management.
  • Work with and assist various groups of key supervisory personnel on the rig.
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Troubleshooting
  • Ensure that the DP system is repaired and pre-tested between well locations and is in 100% operational condition prior to arriving on location.
  • Maintain, troubleshoot and/or perform routine repairs to the DP system and electronic equipment within the limits of technical expertise and abilities.
  • Consult with rig management if outside technical experts or specialists are required.
  • Prepare and/or initiate maintenance requirements for the DP system and its associated equipment as necessary with rig management.
  • Ensure that adequate spare parts are available to service the DP system and its associated equipment and that the parts are properly stored to prevent damage.
  • Advise and recommend minimum/maximum spare parts and stock levels for the DP system and associated equipment and assist in ordering replacement parts.
  • Work with and assist various groups of key supervisory personnel on the rig.


  • Maintain a daily logbook and prepare a weekly report concerning pertinent activities applicable to maintaining the unit's position as well as special reports.
  • Maintain records of the DP system equipment, performance, changes, additions, replacements, maintenance schedules, etc. and evaluate this information to improve operational efficiency and minimize downtime.

This Position Is Closed to New Applicants

This position is no longer open for new applications. Either the position has expired or was removed because it was filled. However, there are thousands of other great jobs to be found on Rigzone.

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