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Driller - 6th Generation

Transocean Offshore
Updated: Mar 22 2013
Desired Expertise: Driller
Experience: 1+ years
Minimum Education: High School/Secondary
Salary: Sign on Bonus Opportunity!
Location: Offshore Location, US
Reference Code: 1002318
Job Status: Closed - No longer accepting applications
Work Authorization: None
Job Description:



Reports to the Toolpusher, Tourpusher and/or Senior Toolpusher.


Supervises the Assistant Driller, Derrickhand, Assistant Derrickhand, Pumphand and Floorhands.


Offshore location.


    · High school diploma or equivalent.
    · Successful completion of the at least one D-CAP Assessment (Onshore or Offshore)
    · Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates
    · Valid well control certificate
    · Knowledge of all technical calculations required for the safe operation of the drilling unit and basic computer skills


Operate drilling equipment as instructed in the well program and Standing Instructions to Driller (SID) in a manner that complies with Company policies and procedures and the Driller's Key Responsibilities

Apply Transocean core values



    · Operate all equipment at the Driller's console in a safe manner; maintain a clean, tidy and hazard-free condition on the drill floor and associated area
    · Monitor the well condition at all times (i.e. depth, mud weight, weight on bit.) Recognize, interpret and respond to down hole conditions
    · Perform drilling-related operations such as directional drilling, working stuck pipe, running and cementing casing strings, coring, fishing, and assisting in wireline logging, well testing, and other special operations.
    · Supervise and direct operations in the picking up or laying down of tubular and all drilling-related equipment
    · Maintain accurate record of tubular and tool dimensions (i.e. internal and external diameter, fish neck, and serial numbers)
    · Ensure that the solid control equipment and mud mixing operations are being monitored constantly
    · Inform Toolpusher/Senior Toolpusher and Client Representative if a deviation from planned operation occurs
    · Keep accurate records of fluid displacement when tubulars are run in/pulled out of well.
    · Complete the IADC daily drilling report (GMS) at the end of each tour
    · Hold pre-tour meeting with the drilling crew for all drilling operations.
    · Secure the well during an emergency or well control situation; assist in the well-killing operations.
    · Supervise the lubrication and maintenance of all drilling and associated equipment and ensure it is carried out in accordance with the Preventive Maintenance System (RMS).
    · Maintain equipment files, drilling logs and records; perform all technical calculations required to carry out drilling operations
    · Assist during the running and retrieving of marine risers and BOP stack
    · Assist in the planning, organization and supervision of rig move operations


    · Ensure that subordinates understand and apply guidelines of the Company Quality & HSE Policy Statements and rig-specific procedures
    · Inform the Toolpusher/Senior Toolpusher of any incidents, potential hazards or abnormal situations
    · Actively participate in the weekly meetings, FOCUS Improvement Process, & all other Company safety management system
    · Incorporate the THINK process into all tasks, whether working alone or as part of a team
    · Participate in the START process
    · Ensure subordinate personnel are properly trained in THINK and START
    · Ensure DROPS inspections are conducted as per the rig's DROPS inspection program
    · Call a Time Out for Safety (TOFS) whenever an unplanned hazard or a change in the expected results is observed
    · Demonstrate commitment to Company safety policies through the consistent application of leadership and guidance
    · Ensure that drills and exercises involving the use of all types of lifesaving, fire fighting and other safety equipment are conducted regularly
    · Ensure that a high standard of hygiene and housekeeping is maintained onboard the rig


    · Promote and maintain good working relationships with other departments, third-party personnel and Customer representatives.
    · Meet the training requirements as per the applicable training matrix
    · Participate fully in the annual performance appraisal process
    · Mentor, coach, develop and train crew members to ensure they are competent to work at their next job level
    · Provide leadership and motivation to the drilling crews. Apply continuous improvement process
    · Mentor the Assistant Driller and deputize when operations, security of well, and personnel safety are not at risk
    · Assist in training to ensure that all personnel are competent to perform their allocated jobs
    · Participate fully in the annual performance appraisal process.
    · Apply appropriate accountability regarding recognition; recommend promotion or disciplinary action up to and including discharge

This Position Is Closed to New Applicants

This position is no longer open for new applications. Either the position has expired or was removed because it was filled. However, there are thousands of other great jobs to be found on Rigzone.

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