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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia holds the title as the world's largest producer and exporter of total petroleum liquids, and the country's national corporation, Saudi Aramco retains the most proven reserves and production of hydrocarbons worldwide. Only behind Russia as the largest crude oil producer, Saudi Arabia has an estimated 267 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, including 2.5 billion in the Saudi-Kuwaiti Neutral Zone, and 253 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of proven natural gas reserves. Impressively, more than half of Saudi Arabia's oil reserves are sourced from only eight fields.

Rig Manager Jobs in Saudi Arabia

         Company / Job Title Required Skills Location
1. Saeed R Al-Zahrani Corp. (SRACO)
Rig Liaisonman / Rig Foreman
Drilling Foreman|Rig Manager Saudi Arabia
2. Arabian Drilling Company
Sr. Project Engineer
Electrical Engineering|Mechanical Engineering|Rig Manager Eastern Provice
3. Spencer Ogden
Rig Manager|Toolpusher Saudi Arabia
4. Faststream Ltd
Rig Manager / Rig Foreman / Company Man / Client Rep
Drilling Foreman|Drilling Superintendent|Rig Manager Saudi Arabia
5. Faststream Ltd
Rig Manager - Company Man - Drilling Supervisor
Company Man|Drilling Superintendent|Rig Manager Saudi Arabia
6. New Tech
Rig Superintendent / Toolpusher
Rig Manager|Toolpusher Al Khobar
7. Arabian Drilling Company
Operations Manager (Base assignment)
Operations Manager, Rig Manager Saudi Arabia
8. Arabian Drilling Company
Rig Manager (Base Assignment)
Rig Manager Saudi Arabia
9. Arabian Control Systems Co. Ltd.
Drilling Supervisor / Company Man / Rig Foreman
Drilling Foreman, Drilling Superintendent, Rig Manager Saudi Aramco Rigs
10. Arabian Drilling Company
Assistant Rig Superintendent - Nightpusher
Rig Manager|Toolpusher Eastern Province
11. Arabian Drilling Company - ADC
Rig Manager - (Shore-based Rig Manager) Resident
Drilling Superintendent|Rig Manager Dhahran
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