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South America

One particular region that has continued to drill deeper to hit the hydrocarbon jackpot is located in the world's southern hemisphere and features unconventional conditions for recovering hydrocarbons. Specifically, Brazil's energy giant Petrobras is taking the reins for unlocking vast amounts of oil and gas below layers of salt, rock and sand, and several of the most memorable finds are located in extreme water depths in the country's subsalt basins. Operator of the Orinoco heavy oil belt, Venezuela's state-controlled PDVSA also reigns as a primary player in South America's energy sector. As a region, South America boasts some of the largest oil-and-gas discoveries ever made and is estimated to contain billions in recoverable hydrocarbon reserves.

Cementing Jobs in South America

         Company / Job Title Required Skills Location
1. Halliburton
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia: Engineer - Cementing
Cementing Comodoro Rivadavia
2. Halliburton
Argentina Neuquen: Engineer - Cementing
Cementing Neuquen
3. Halliburton
Chile Santiago: Entry Level Operator Assistant I - Cementing
Cementing Santiago
4. Halliburton
Chile Santiago: Service Operator I - Cementing
Cementing Santiago
5. Halliburton
Chile Santiago: Service Supervisor I - Cementing
Cementing Santiago
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