EAST & SOUTH EAST ASIA oil gas jobs
East & South East Asia

Abundant energy resources are available in East and South East Asia. Major energy producing countries in the region include China, Malaysia and former OPEC member Indonesia, while Myanmar may potentially join the producing group following the end of military rule and the opening of the nation's petroleum sector to more foreign investments. Brunei, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam have an estimated 31.4 billion barrels of proven oil reserves and 309.5 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves as of 2013.

Commissioning Engineer / HUC Jobs in East & SE Asia

         Company / Job Title Required Skills Location
1. Amec Foster Wheeler
Commissioning Manager (NSRP)
Commissioning Engineer / HUC Tinh Gia
2. Ably Resources
Head of Commissioning
Commissioning Engineer / HUC|Engineering Manager|Refinery / Plant Operations Supervisor Johor Malaysia
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