NETHERLANDS oil gas jobs

The second-largest producer of natural gas in the EU, the Netherlands has 1.45 trillion m3 of proved reserves of this energy commodity, which plays a significant role in the Dutch country's energy sector. The Netherlands is bordered by the North Sea to the north, where much of the country's offshore energy sector is concentrated. Located in the northern Netherlands and estimated to produce for another 50 years, Groningen -- Europe's largest natural gas field -- has already exceeded 100 Tcf and was discovered in May 1959 by a 50-50 joint venture between Shell and ExxonMobil.

QA / QC / Inspection Jobs in Netherlands

         Company / Job Title Required Skills Location
1. Intertek
Project Inspection Coordinator - Holland
Project Management|Purchasing|QA / QC / Inspection Amsterdam
2. Shell
QA/QC Coordinator (Centrale werkplaats)
QA / QC / Inspection Pernis
3. Shell
Field Supervisor Las en Fit
QA / QC / Inspection Moerdijk
4. Shell
Onderhoudstechnicus Rotating Equipment
QA / QC / Inspection Moerdijk
5. Shell
Onderhoudstechnicus Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I), Pernis
QA / QC / Inspection Pernis
6. Shell
Onderhoudstechnicus Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I), Moerdijk
QA / QC / Inspection Moerdijk
7. Shell
Onderhoudsmonteur Quality Measuring Instrumentatie (QMI)
QA / QC / Inspection Pernis
8. Shell
Supervisor Cleaning & Waste
QA / QC / Inspection Pernis
9. Shell
Werkvoorbereider/ Planner Onderhoud (Werktuigbouwkunde)
QA / QC / Inspection Pernis
10. Shell
Werkvoorbereider Turnaround (Werktuigbouwkunde)
QA / QC / Inspection Pernis
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