INDONESIA oil gas jobs

The most populated country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia became a net importer of oil in 2004 and is estimated to contain more than 4 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, as of 2007. Indonesia's oil sector is controlled by several international oil companies, including supermajor Chevron, which pumps from the countries two largest oil fields, Minas and Duri, along Sumatra's coastline. However, the Southeast Asian country's largest producing oil fields are declining in output as they mature, and the Indonesian government is increasing efforts to curtail shortages in energy supplies, while spurring investments in the upstream sector.

Supply Chain Management Jobs in Indonesia

         Company / Job Title Required Skills Location
1. Shell
Blending Supervisor
Supply Chain Management Marunda-Bekasi, Indonesia
2. Shell
Filling Supervisor
Supply Chain Management Marunda-Bekasi, Indonesia
3. Shell
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Supply Chain Management Marunda
4. Shell
Lab Analyst
Supply Chain Management Marunda
5. Shell
Operator Maintenance (Boiler)
Supply Chain Management Marunda
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