Mud Engineer / Drilling Fluids Jobs

Drilling fluids, also referred to as drilling mud, are added to the wellbore to facilitate the drilling process by suspending cuttings, controlling pressure, stabilizing exposed rock, providing buoyancy, and cooling the drill bit. Mud engineers ensure that the drilling mud that is used is made to the required specifications based on the expected geology. Drilling fluids can be water, oil, or synthetic-based, and mud engineers must take rock formation composition, as well as environmental impact, into account when making decisions about what drilling fluids might be best for any given well.
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RECENT Mud Engineer / Drilling Fluids JOB POSTINGS

Company / Job Title Location Date
Oman Muscat: Field Service Rep. I - Drilling Fluids
MuscatMay 20
ARCHELONS Consulting
Mud Engineer
10002Apr 28
Dragon Oil
Senior Mud Engineer
HazarApr 27
VE Maturin: Field Professional I-Drilling Fluids
Maturin Estado MonagasApr 20
Pakistan Islamabad Field Servcie Rep. II - Drilling Fluids
IslamabadApr 4
Kuwait Ahmadi:Tech Prof-Baroid
AhmadiApr 4
Drilling Fluids Specialist
LondonMar 24
Russia Nizhnevartovsk:Fld Svc Rep-Drilling Fluids I
NizhnevartovskMar 22
Russia Buzuluk:Fld Svc Rep-Drilling Fluids II
BuzulukMar 22
Field Servcie Rep. II - Drilling Fluids
NizhnevartovskMar 22
Russia Nizhnevartovsk: Field Servcie Rep. II - Drilling Fluids
NizhnevartovskMar 21
Russia Krasnoyarsk: Field Service Rep. III - Drilling Fluids
KrasnoyarskMar 15
VE Maturin: Field Service Rep. III - Drilling Fluids
Maturin Estado MonagasMar 11
Ve Maturin: Field Professional II -Drilling/Completion Fluids
Maturin Estado MonagasMar 2
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