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Geoscientist is a general term used to describe the individuals responsible for locating, evaluating and developing oil and gas reservoirs. Geoscience professionals use technology and applied science to maximize the recovery of oil and gas. They are present at all phases of the reservoir life cycle, from exploration, through drilling, production and eventually abandonment. They will measure and map seismic, magnetic, and other earth forces that affect the earth, as well as study and interpret data that is useful in locating oil and gas reservoirs. Geochemists, geologists, geophysicists, as well as geoscience technicians all fall into this category.
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Company / Job Title Location Date
Saudi Aramco
Carbonate Sedimentologist
DhahranSep 23
Earth Science Intern
St. John'sSep 20
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Professor - Geosciences
MalaysiaSep 15
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