Drilling Foreman / Drilling Supervisor Jobs

The Drilling Foreman/Supervisor is in charge of the drilling or workover operations on a rig. The position is responsible for coordinating and prioritizing the activities on a drill site. The position requires experience and is often held by someone who has worked their way up through the Drilling Crew.
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RECENT Drilling Foreman / Drilling Supervisor JOB POSTINGS

Company / Job Title Location Date
ARCHELONS Consulting
Drilling Supervisor - offshore
10002Jul 26
Green Tree Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.
Drilling Engineer/ Drilling Supervisor
25204Jul 25
Drilling Supervisor/Engineer for Offshore
KuwaitJul 24
Arabian Control Systems Co. Ltd.
Drilling Supervisor / Company Man / Rig Foreman
Saudi Aramco RigsJul 15
PTTEP Services Limited
Drilling Supervisor (Company Man, Completion Rig)
Gulf of MartabanJul 14
Underground foreman
MyanmarJul 4
Shop Foreman, Service, Technology, & Rentals-Decommissioning
Morgan CityJun 24
ARCHELONS Consulting
Drilling Supervisor
KuwaitMay 30
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