Casing Jobs

Casing refers to the roles that are involved in the assembly and insertion of large diameter pipes into recently drilled sections or boreholes. The role is vital to the drilling process as it prevents contamination, stabilizes the drilled section and seals off high pressurized zones from the surface.
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There are currently no active Casing jobs posted. Browse the related subcategories below, to find similar active jobs.

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 - Driller15 jobs  - Toolpusher13 jobs
 - Rig Manager11 jobs  - Drilling Foreman / Drilling Supervisor8 jobs
 - Drilling Superintendent8 jobs  - OIM8 jobs
 - Drilling Manager7 jobs  - Drilling Consultant7 jobs
 - Subsea Engineer5 jobs  - Rig Mechanic5 jobs
 - Rig Instrument Tech3 jobs  - Rig Electrician3 jobs
 - WellSite Supervisor3 jobs  - Company Man3 jobs
 - Radioman2 jobs  - Floorhand / Roughneck2 jobs
 - Barge Engineer2 jobs  - Derrickman2 jobs
 - Rig Mover1 jobs  - Directional Driller1 jobs