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The Rigzone Events Calendar is your most comprehensive source for conferences, tradeshows, professional meetings, and social events in the upstream oil and gas industry.

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Featured Events
Mar 9 - Apr 20
Fundamentals of LNG
By distance learning, By distance learning, UK
From LNG properties and production to shipping, markets and trading - whatever you need to know about LNG, then this course is for you. It gives you the comprehensive knowledge you need in just 12 weeks of flexible online study – from wherever you are, whenever you want, without impacting on your day-to-day role.
Apr 15 - May 31
Fundamentals of Oil & Gas
By distance learning, By distance learning, UK
Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned operator, the excellent feedback from past students shows that this course is packed with vital learning and they reap rewards from studying. Studied whenever suitable for you, over 6 focused modules and in 12 weeks, the programme will help you develop a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the i.
Apr 16 - Apr 20
Completion and Production Engineering
Houston, Texas, US
This 5-day course emphasis the role of the Well, as part of the Integrated Production System for a Hydrocarbon Asset. Well Completion design concepts and the technical selection criteria for the main completion components are reviewed in detail.
Apr 20 - Apr 24
Fundamentals of Slickline Operations
Cikarang, Indonesia
The 5-Day course will consist of a few theoretical sessions in the classroom with experienced professionals providing presentations of the tools and operations; the participants will also have various practical exposure sessions using the Slickline well/pad and having hands on sessions using the Slickline tools in the workshop.
Apr 20 - Apr 24
Introduction to Drilling
Beijing, China
This, Introduction to Drilling, course is intended for individuals who will be working closely with drilling departments within their companies. This course will give participants a complete understanding of the processes involved in the drilling of oil and gas wells.
Apr 20 - May 31
Fundamentals of Offshore Field Development
By distance learning, By distance learning, UK
Over 12 weeks, and at the pace you set yourself, this practical programme thoroughly explores the stages involved in offshore oil and gas exploration, surveying, drilling, construction and production plus the marine assets supporting it, building you a detailed knowledge of the sector.
Apr 21 - Apr 23
Free-spans and on bottom stability
Hilton Houston Westchase, Houston, US
This course can be taken independently, or as an extension of the information gained in the Design of subsea pipelines course, to include detailed Level 2 and 3 assessment to DNV RP F105 and F109. These detailed assessments can be used for new pipelines as well as for existing pipelines.
Apr 21 - Apr 24
Integrity management of subsea pipelines
Skene House, Aberdeen, UK
Learn about the activities required to run subsea pipelines in optimum conditions, how to identify issues and assess a range of integrity threats using screening tools to undertake detailed evaluations. Case-studies and worked examples help facilitate learning in key topic areas. A site visit* is included to allow delegates insight into machinery and equipment otherwise only viewable on the seabed.
Apr 21 - Apr 23
Subsea hardware
Skene House, Aberdeen, UK
As an independent company, we are in a unique position to provide completely impartial training on hardware. Our subsea hardware programme provides a comprehensive and complete understanding of the equipment used in subsea production systems. You will distinguish why trees are not all the same and get to grips with interactions. Each piece of equipment is covered in detail, explaining the evolution of design, current best practice and the differences between each proprietary design.
Apr 22 - Jun 3
Fundamentals of Petroleum Economics
Online, Online, UK
The A to Z of upstream, midstream and downstream cash flow components, indicators, risk management, decision analysis and valuation in the oil and gas industry. Professional development in petroleum economics by part-time distance learning from IBC Academy - study while you continue to work
Apr 27 - Apr 28
Petrel Advanced Wells
Hannover, Germany
This course builds on the Petrel Reservoir Engineering course and goes more in depth on modeling of deviated wells.
Apr 27 - Apr 28
Petrel Advanced Wells
Hannover, Germany
This 2-Day course builds on the Petrel Reservoir Engineering course and goes more in depth on modeling of deviated wells.
Apr 27 - May 1
Well Test Design and Analysis
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
This 5-Day course will focus on the different types of tests and techniques, both analytical and graphical, for data representation and analysis of well tests.
Apr 28 - May 1
Advanced design including HP/HT and deepwater pipelines
Hilton Houston Westchase, Houston, US
To fast-track your professional development, ensure you consider this course. Our expert tutor will impart decades of knowledge of the more complex design issues affecting pipelines, such as deepwater, high pressure (HP), high temperature (HT) and highly corrosive fluids and gases
Apr 28 - May 1
Risers, umbilicals and flexibles
GE Technology Solutions, Stavanger, Norway
This extensive course covers all the different types of risers, umbilicals and flexibles, their uses and design, installation and operational considerations. Delegates will also learn about FPSOs and how they impact on the design and layout of risers and umbilicals.

More Events
Apr 13 - Apr 24
Dive Technician
National Hyperbaric Centr, Aberdeen, UK
This syllabus offers an excellent practical background of diving equipment and system maintenance as well as comprehension of relevant legislation, industry standards and systems including IMCAs DESIGN document and Planned Maintenance Systems.
Apr 20 - Apr 24
Piping & Instrument Design Interpretation
Intertek Training Center, Spring, TX, US
The participants will learn or refresh their ability to read and understand drawings, schematics and symbols. They will also learn to use drawings and schematics to diagnose and rectify equipment faults, and create a simple schematic of their own. Students will be tested for subject knowledge at the start and end of the course. To demonstrate competence, students will be required to use a BOP control system schematic to troubleshoot a simulated control system problem.
Apr 20 - Apr 21
Petrel Advanced Structural Framework
SCM, 4801 Woodway Drive, Houston, US
This advanced course is designed to analyze basic and highly-faulted geological structures, begins with raw structure/fault data and concludes with a geocellular model prepared for assigning petrophysical attributes.
Apr 20 - Apr 23
FLNG Fundamentals, Design & Technology
TBA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“A comprehensive all-in-one course addressing technical, commercial & operational aspects in establishing an FLNG facility, with a focus on real world solutions and actual project”
Apr 20 - Apr 24
International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas (NEBOSH)
Kapetanios Odyssia Hotel, Athens, Greece
International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety is designed for people who have the responsibility of safety in the oil and gas industry. With focus on international standards and management systems, it also highlights the importance of process safety in the oil and gas industry.
Apr 20 - Apr 22
MasterClass in Effective Vendor Auditing
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This focused 2 day course leads delegates through the key principles and objectives of effective vendor auditing, including: pre-audit preparation, conducting the audit, reporting and developing continuous performance improvement initiatives. Delegates will receive a fully functional audit template, incorporating vendor scoring and grading systems.
Apr 20 - Apr 21
Oilfields 101
Omni Pittsburgh William P, Pittsburgh, US
This course will present an overview of oilfield operations, both subsurface (downhole) and surface. The information will be presented in terms of diagrams and photos of real equipment, and real example documents.
Apr 21 - Apr 22
Talent Retention for Oil & Gas
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This 2-day course will provide practical skills and knowledge that can be applied at the workplace to enable development of a compelling and sustainable employer brand. It covers preparation, implementation and monitoring activities. 1. Prepare employee retention activities 2. Support implementation of employee retention activities 3. Measure effectiveness of employee retention activities
Apr 21
Drilling FMECA - Application of FMEA and FMECA to subsea drilling systems
Inverurie, Aberdeen Area, UK
Application of FMECA to help assess, manage and control risks in drilling operations: • FMEA/FMECA approach to support system design, maintenance and operation • Types of FMEA/FMECA - purpose and applications • Essentials for effective implementation • How to identify failure modes, mechanisms, causes and effects • How to assess criticality and need for follow up actions
Apr 21 - Apr 22
LNG Pricing, Trading & Risk Management: 2-Day Training Program
Marriott Marble Arch, London, UK
Acquire the practical knowledge, skills and tools required for: 1) Building LNG Price & Volatility Curves; 2) Valuing & Structuring LNG Portfolio Positions; 3) Managing Risk Across the LNG Value Chain; 4) Optimizing LNG Trading Strategies; 5) Analyzing LNG Market Fundamentals. This is an intensive, hands-on course focused on applied methods.
Apr 22
Drilling Risk and Reliability - Application of system reliability and risk analysis to subsea drilling equipment and operations
Inverurie, Aberdeen Area, UK
Overview / basic understanding of system reliability and risk techniques to help assess, manage and control risks in drilling operations: • Range of techniques available and how/when best applied • How to build Fault Trees, Event Trees and Reliability Block Diagrams • How to undertake system reliability prediction / what data to use • How techniques are applied in drilling systems, BOP reliability and integrity analysis and drilling risk assessments
Apr 22 - Apr 23
Hydraulic Fracturing 101
Omni Pittsburgh William P, Pittsburgh, US
This course is designed to give a broad overview of how fracturing works, the terminology used, and the processes that are incorporated into hydraulic fracturing.
Apr 23 - Apr 24
Well Integrity Training
Courtyard Berlin City Cen, Berlin, Germany
This 2-day seminar will provide a comprehensive, in-depth introduction to the discipline of well integrity. Its goal is to deploy “technical, operational and organisational solutions” (NORSOK D-010) to avoid well leaks and so it relies on understanding the characteristics, limitations and interplay of well material and structures.
Apr 27 - May 1
Mass Measurement of Hydrocarbon Fluids (Direct and Inferred)
PETEX, Houston, US
Teaches theory, installation, operation, and proving practices of mass measurement of light hydrocarbon fluids including natural gas liquids and other liquids. Provides instruction in meter proving and calculation of meter factors for meters in high vapor pressure service. Provides instruction simulation/demonstration.
Apr 27 - May 21
Deepwater Equipment & Operations
Intertek Training Center, Spring, TX, US
The participant is taught to understand the equipment and systems that provide well control safety on floating drilling rigs. Examples from all major well control equipment manufacturers are included. The course is focused on practical information that can be put to immediate use. This provides a direct benefit to the drilling operation with lower downtime and increased rig time availability.
Apr 27 - Apr 30
Introduction to Process Safety
Hammersmith, London, UK
From this course, participants will gain a comprehensive overview of process safety in the gas processing industry addressing key considerations in the safe design and operation of these facilities, including a review of historical incidents and root causes.
Apr 27 - Apr 28
Talent Retention for Oil & Gas
Dubai, Dubai, UAE
This 2-day course will provide practical skills and knowledge that can be applied at the workplace to enable development of a compelling and sustainable employer brand. It covers preparation, implementation and monitoring activities. 1. Prepare employee retention activities 2. Support implementation of employee retention activities 3. Measure effectiveness of employee retention activities
Apr 27 - Apr 28
International Minimum Industry Safety Training (IMIST)
Divani Palace Acropolis, Athens, Greece
IMIST is an OPITO standard which supports the global Oil and Gas Industry to meet safety initiative targets. IMIST has been developed to provide a new global standard for Health and Safety training, which will provide a comprehensive and consistent level of training across the world and enhance work force safety and compliance.
Apr 28 - Apr 30
Masterclass: Succeeding in a Falling Market - a Survival Guide for Oil & Gas Industry Professionals
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This MasterClass takes participants through the cutting edge methods of market analysis, crisis management and handling these hard situations with soft skills to dramatically improve their professional and personal effectiveness. MasterClass participants will, amongst other things, learn about best practices in market profiling, income and expenditure review, crisis solution and change management, through lively and interactive and ‘real world’ exercises.
Apr 29 - Apr 30
Liquid Hydrocarbon Measurement
Denver Marriott Tech Cent, Denver, US
This course will assist attendees in preparing to operate, maintain and calibrate or prove hydrocarbon liquid metering systems in both static and dynamic measurement systems.
Apr 30 - May 1
Computer Simulation of Gas Turbines
1804 Crowchild Trail NW, Calgary, Canada
This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of computer simulation of gas turbines, as well as their selection criteria, operation and maintenance requirements and economics. Venue Name: Best Western Village Park Inn. Time: 8am-5pm. Category: Classes, Courses. Artists: Philip Kiameh. Prices: In-Class: C$1,345 and Webinar: C$995.


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