Offshore Rig Utilization Reports

Below are the overall rig utilization statistics for the entire competitive rig fleet. Utilization numbers are based on a snapshot rig count. Only competitive rigs are included. Last updated Friday, November 27, 2015
Current Month Ago 6 Months Ago 1 Year Ago
Rigs Working 490 504 554 649
Total Rigs 892 890 892 907
Utilization 54.9% 56.6% 62.1% 71.6%
Offshore Rig Utilization by Region
This reports provides current rig utilization numbers for the most prominent areas of the world for offshore drilling. It also provides a historical comparison of rig utilization in each offshore region of the world over the last year. Lastly, a detailed overview of rig utilization for a specific region of the world over the last 3 years is presented. View Now.
Offshore Rig Utilization by Rig Type
This reports present a breakdown of the current rig utilization by rig type. It also contains a historical comparison of rig utilization for each type of rig across the last year. Finally, a detailed overview is presented which provides 3 years worth of historical rig utilization data for a specific type of rig. view now.
Offshore Rig Utilization Spotlight
Each month, a different rig type in a specific region of the world is highlighted to give you a detailed look at utilization trends. view now.

Upcoming Utilization Spotlight
Jan: Brazil Drillships 5000'+ May: GOM Semis 4000'+ Sep: W. Africa ILC 250'+
Feb: Brazil Semis 4000'+ Jun: N. Sea ILC 250'+ Oct: Pers. Gulf ILC 250'+
Mar: Mexico MC 200'+ Jul: N. Sea Semis 1500'+ Nov: S. Asia ILC 300'+
Apr: GOM ILC 300'+ Aug: W. Africa Semis 4000+ Dec: SE Asia ILC 300'+