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Rig Data: Dalian Developer

Rig Name: Dalian Developer
Rig Manager: Dalian Deepwater Developer LTD
Rig Owner: Dalian Deepwater Developer LTD
Competitive Rig: Yes
Rig Type: Drillship
Drillship Type: Dynamic Positioning
Rig Design: MPF Corp. Ltd. MPF 10000
Rated Water Depth: 10,000 ft
Drilling Depth: 35,000 ft
Rig Contract & Operating Status
Operating Status: Ready Stacked
Operator: --
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Rig Location
Region: Asia - Far East
Country: China
Current Water Depth: --
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Rig Construction Details
Classification: DNV
Rig Design: MPF Corp. Ltd. MPF 10000
Shipyard: Cosco Shipyard, China
Delivery Year: 2014
Flag: Singapore
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Rig Equipment
Derrick: Maritime Hydraulics 210' x 46' x 52'; Capacity: 2,000,000 lbs; Hook + Setback: 4,000,000 lbs
Drawworks: Wirth GH 4500 EG-AC 4,500 HP
Mud Pumps: 4 x Wirth TPK Driven by two GE AC motors, 2200 HP
Top Drive: Maritime Hydraulics DDm-1000-AC-sM 2 x 1150 hp motors - 12800 Nm, 2300 HP
Rotary Table: Wirth 60.5 in. diameter Model RTSS hydraulically driven, 1000 sht (907 mt) capacity, 33,927 ft/lbs max torque
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