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Rig Name Manager Rig Type Rated Water Depth Drilling Depth
Deep Driller 3 Aban Offshore Jackup 350 ft. 35000 ft.
COSLBoss China Oilfield Services Ltd. Jackup 400 ft. 30000 ft.
Saturn Eurasia Drilling Company Jackup 350 ft. 26000 ft.
Prime Exerter Ezion Holdings Jackup 300 ft. 25000 ft.
Maersk Convincer Maersk Drilling Jackup 375 ft. 30000 ft.
Tasha PT Apexindo Jackup 400 ft. 30000 ft.
SKD T-19 SapuraKencana Tender 800 ft. 25000 ft.
Topaz Driller Vantage Drilling Jackup 375 ft. 30000 ft.
Rigs: 1 - 8 of 8
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