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Recent Offshore Rig Activity Notes Sample
Below is a sample of the 12 rig activity notes from the last week available to RigLogix subscribers.
July 20   |   Rowan Louisiana   |   350 ft.   Jackup
Rowan retired Gulf of Mexico cold-stacked jackups Rowan Juneau (250'-IS) and Rowan Alaska (350'-IS). The company says it has pending sales in place for both units with the stipulation that they cannot be used as drilling rigs. The Rowan Juneau completed its last contract in May 2009, while the Rowan Alaska last worked in May 2010. The move leaves Rowan with just one cold-stacked jackup in the U.S. Gulf, the Rowan Louisiana.

July 20   |   Rowan Gorilla III   |   450 ft.   Jackup
A rig sharing group in Trinidad, made up of EOG Resources, Centrica, Repsol and Trinity Exploration, has issued an early contract termination on jackup Rowan Gorilla III (450'-IC). The contract, originally scheduled to end in February 2016, will now end in mid-August. The rig is currently working for EOG Resources. Rowan began work for the consortium in December 2013.

July 20   |   Rowan Gorilla VII   |   450 ft.   Jackup
Apache has awarded an 18-month contract extension that will now keep jackup Rowan Gorilla VII (450'-IC) working in the North Sea through December 2016. Apache will also retain a four-month priced option on the rig. Rowan says the rig will received a "blended rate" of $181,000 for the extension period, which begins August 1. The rig's current deal, which began in February, is at a rate of $280,000.

July 20   |   Rowan Gorilla V   |   400 ft.   Jackup
Total has added a 260-day priced option to its contract with jackup Rowan Gorilla V in the North Sea. The current contract dayrate was revised down from $274,000 to $170,000 in exchange for an additional one year of term from August 2015. The rate is scheduled to increase to $175,000 on January 1, 2016, and with the priced option said to be at a rate higher than the firm term.

July 21   |   Hercules 300   |   300 ft.   Jackup
Arena extended its contract with the Hercules 300 (300' MC) from August 2015 through the end of December 2015 for work in the US Gulf of Mexico. The dayrate for the extension period is in the high-$60s which is a 34.6 percent drop from its previous dayrate of $104,000. Arena has had the Hercules 300 under contract almost continuously since March 2011.

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