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Recent Offshore Rig Activity Notes Sample
Below is a sample of the 14 rig activity notes from the last week available to RigLogix subscribers.
July 1   |   Maersk Venturer   |   12,000 ft.   Drillship
Otto Energy issued a formal notice of mobilization to Maersk Drilling in connection with their Hawkeye-1 exploration well. Mobilization of the Maersk Venturer (UDW drillship) is planned to commence on July 31, 2015 and take approximately 1 to 2 days for the rig to arrive on location. Drilling operations are expected to take approximately 23 days. Hawkeye-1 is located in SC55 offshore the Philippines in the Palawan Basin.

June 24   |   Borgland Dolphin   |   1,500 ft.   Semisub
Suncor Energy's Havfrue exploration prospect located in PL 571 offshore Norway has been determined to be dry. According to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, the well encountered a 35-meter thick layer of sandstone in the Ty formation, and a 44-meter thick layer of Upper Jurassic sandstone, both with good reservoir quality. The well also encountered a 223-meter thick section of the Smith Bank formation, of which about 47 meters is sandstone with moderate to poor reservoir quality. Well 25/10-13 S was drilled using the Borgland Dolphin (midwater semisub).

July 1   |   Scarabeo 5   |   6,561 ft.   Semisub
Statoil has elected to suspend its contract with the Scarabeo 5 (DW semisub) from approximately mid-August 2015 through March 1, 2016. Once the rig has completed operations on its current well in the Kristen field the suspension will take effect. The rig is a Maritime Engineering 4500 DP-designed unit which entered service in 1990.

June 24   |   COSLPioneer   |   2,500 ft.   Semisub
Statoil has been unable to find alternative activity for the COSLPioneer (midwater semisub) and has decided to cancel its contract for the unit. In September 2014 Statoil announced that this contract would be suspended after a review of their drilling plan. Original contract termination was scheduled for August 2016. The COSLPioneer is a GM4000-D designed semisub capable of working in water depths up to 2,500 feet in harsh environments.

June 23   |   Ocean BlackHornet   |   12,000 ft.   Drillship
Diamond Offshore UDW semisub Ocean BlackHornet has mobilized to Grand Isle Block 84 to undergo thruster changeout. The rig had been working in Lloyd Ridge Block 400 on a P&A for Anadarko. The rig should resume work shortly under the contract, which runs to April 2020.

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